One of a Kind


One of a Kind Vessels and Sculptural Work are all priced individually and exact prices and specifics must be made with the artist directly.  To message the artist Matthew Clark, please click here.

Carved Series

Vessels with a textured surface created by carving and etching. The Large Carved Series measures approximately 18”h x 8”w.  Bottles, cylinder, cone, urn, diamond, teardrop, deep bowl, shallow bowl. Available in translucent jewel and earth tones.


Shard Series

Sculptural vessels with a textured skin created by applying hot shards of opaque glass to the surface of a translucent colored bubble. Small: 10”h x 5-7”w. Large: 18”h x 8”w. Available in a variety of both jewel and earth tones.

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Martini Glasses

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To message Matthew Clark, please visit the Contact page.